Gott greiðslulakk fyrir greiðslur með lyftingu.

Lína fyrir fínt, þunnt og viðkvæmt hár. “24HR Full Boost” tæknin ásamt lífrænu-proteini og aminosýrum styrkir hárið og gefur því hámarks fyllingu og langvarandi hald svo það haldi allan daginn.

Magn: 400 ml

Creates all over volume and shine.


Total Results High Amplify Hairspray is a flexible, strong-hold, spray for continuous lift. This professional product is perfect for volumizing any style and enhancing hair shine. This fast-drying, anti-frizz ultra fine mist leaves hair static-free, shiny, and manageable. It’s all day humidity resistant and provides great root lift – a must-have for maintaining hair’s body through the day and night. Easily shampoos out, leaving no build up.

High Amplify, previously known as Amplify. Turn up the volume! Get ready for gorgeous, voluminous hair with High Amplify. Now all you need to do is turn up the music! This silicone-free formula uses protein for an added boost while providing instant lift and up to 35% boosted volume.*

*With the professional products system of High Amplify Shampoo, Conditioner, and Proforma Hairspray vs. unwashed hair.
HOLD LEVEL: Flexible Hold


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